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About Us

A few words about us

For our clients, we perform all accounting services on the highest possible level. The accounting service must provide its clients with high-quality tax and business consulting and therefore we are constantly educating ourselves. We offer professional approach and cooperation based on expertise and trust.


Continuous education is what makes us different. At any time you can get the latest information about your business.


With the quality of service and customer satisfaction, we want to remain a respected associate and friend.


We are detailed when it comes to quick response need and to various additional desires and friendly relationships.

Our Services

We tailor our services to large, medium-sized and small businesses.


By collecting, developing and analyzing your organization's financial information, we perform a complete administration of your documentation.

Financial Analysis

A detailed examination of the report assesses your financial situation and the ability of the company to progress.

Tax Advice

By informing clients about changes in tax laws and regulations, we reduce the costs of the company.

Audit Jobs

We check and assist in the application of legal regulations and standards to verify the correctness of our clients' financial statements.


We educate you and your employees about the organization of your internal accounting, business changes, payroll calculations, etc.

Establishing an enterprise

We establish your company and register them with the Agency for Business Registers and Tax Administration with the registration and check-out of employees.

Do you have a question, a problem, a confusion?

Our team here helps the advice of our experts and provides guidelines in solving all specific business situations.


Fill in the information requested so that we can send you an adequate response as soon as possible.

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